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Who Is “The Firewood Company”?

Thoughts of The Firewood Company began several years ago when a dear friend complained of his difficulties in finding firewood for his business; a restaurant in the Atlanta area and the need for good, quality firewood for cooking and personal use. I quickly reminded him of my current location; the foothills of the Appalachians Mountains in the heart of North Georgia and Western North Carolina. I knew, I could provide all types of firewood; Oak, White Oak and Hickory. Keeping all these factors in mind, The Firewood Company was born. Moving forward to today, we currently service many upscale, five-star restaurants in Atlanta area, North Georgia and Western North Carolina and provide concierge services to many residential customers throughout the area and now, we would like to provide you with the best quality firewood in the Southeastern United States.

Seeking good, quality firewood with dependability? Then contact us today, as this is our cornerstone for doing business; The Firewood Company @ 828-200-3050 or and ask for our Owner, Bob Henritze, for pricing quotes and services provided in your area.